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How Greenhouses Work?

DO you ever knew how Greenhouses work?

It was mostly based of glass transparency of thermal and solar infrared radiation. Through glass,  its transparent of the solar wavelengths but much thermal infrared wavelengths emitted by soil and plants inside the greenhouse. The radiation from the sun where absorbed by and heats whatever is inside the greenhouse.  The heat keeps building up by the wavelength emitted by the heated surfaces.

Why greenhouse so hot on sunny day?

The ground absorbs radiation from the heat of the sun even the greenhouse is bare of covered. Conducted by the air next to the earth, the temperature increase. Thus, when the lighter air rises allows a cooler and denser air that takes place at surface that absorbs more heat from the ground. The heated air maybe more deep or a mile since the warming spread a large mass.The mixing confined in greenhouse  as air is been trapped under the roof, so much smaller mass is to be heated.


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