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new pictureThe greenhouse has been around for years supplying people with wildlife, beautiful flowers and the freshest home grown fruit, vegetables, herbs and spices available. Home-growing took off during the Second World War, when Britain faced a huge deficit for food and supplies and rations were low.

People had to start growing their own food and it became the norm for nearly everyone living in England, specifically the midlands and countryside where the soil was rich in nutrients and perfect for growing fresh fruit and vegetables.

The greenhouse then developed as English weather was extremely seasonal and people wanted the fresh food all year round. So the greenhouse was created. The idea was to create warm and consistent conditions for the plants, but more importantly its main purpose was to prevent the home-growns getting eaten by animals and bugs.

Nowadays greenhouses, which started of as a small house for a garden are used to grow food on a mass industrial scale. Thousands upon thousands of food are grown in huge greenhouses where the temperature, food and water are measured and timed to create the perfect growing conditions for the wildlife. However they are not just used for food, the greenhouse creates great conditions for exocitic plants and wildlife which can blossom inside. The Greenhouse at Kew Gardens in London are able to house some of the rarest plants, of which would not be able to survive if they weren’t in the safety of the greenhouse.


  1. Mayette Claus

    Planting at your backyard isn’t bad. It also helps you to save some penny. :)

  2. Sammy Craig

    I have a mini farm at home. Its actually enjoying it and it’s organic.


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